Principal's Message

Mrs. Neelam D Chokhar

            Principal’s Message

 “Education is not just imparting of information, rather it is imparting knowledge that includes, man making, character building morals and values…”

The modern age is quick changing, poses substantial achievement and witnesses incredible advancement in every strata. However, these fascinating strides are energizing yet bewildering. Education therefore is the key to the balance of man’s potentials and to bring out the complete wholeness in mankind. It moves the children to tap their skills aptly and determine their character. The main motive of education is not to accumulate facts and information but rather, learning to make facts live. Here we teach our children not how to ignite the lamp but how to ignite themselves; the true lamps. With this vision and mission St. Thomas Malankara Catholic School strives ahead. To stand by truth that can set you free, thaw ignorance and darkness that leads to fear. She encourages her children to dream high and explore oneself to the best of ones abilities. We carry out our responsibility to mature and equip the child as a person, to train and inspire every child of his responsibilities. St. Thomas Malankara Catholic School is instituted for the fulfilment of this honourable purpose. Those who become a part of this family will come through flying colours. To let the truth light the darkness, pave the way and lead mankind. This is the perpetual importance of education.