Mission & Vision

Our Mission

"To render services in the field of education, irrespective of caste, creed, race religion or language, in India for the purpose of imparting secular education, co-education and all other educational activities."

Education is the science of teaching and learning. Every student is unique with different potentials. Each student will be regarded as a seperate and important individual and the focus will be to help him / her to progress. Students will be given a variety of valuable learning experiences. They will be given the opportunity to grow at their own rate respecting their individuality. They will be guided firmly, but with kindness and impartiality. Activities will be carried out in order to develop skills which enable the student to achieve his / her greatest potential scholastically and to aid each student to showcase his/her special talents. Students will develop confidence in their own ability and become more knowledgeable and appreciative of their own history / culture and of others. Successful education occurs when both parents and the school accept responsibility of helping each child to reach constructive maturity to best prepare the child for continuinig education experiences which lie ahead. 

Our Vision

To render and extend humanitarian services for the Relief of the poor- to give financial or other assistance in kind or otherwise, by way of distribution of books, note books, clothes, uniforms, or meals for the poor to grant individual scholarships etc. To promote and to advance cultural, charitable, spiritual education to make the children the good citizens of India irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion or Sex and to provide facilities of sports, games, yoga and similar activities for providing and developing the all-round development of the young.

Children are our future. We dedicated to their success.